5 STAR Rating!

We moved to South Lyon recently and needed about 10 yards of black mulch for our flower beds. I looked around at various landscape suppliers near me.  After looking at ANGELO’s who just sold out to a national firm, and Stone Depot who does a lot of business in the area, I decided to go with Fletcher Richard Landscape Supplies in New Hudson.  THEY are family owned and operated, and the manager Phil was very nice and accommodating.  THE REASON i went with Fletcher Rickard is the Quality of there Hardwood Mulch was superior to ANGELO’s and STONE DEPOT.  I have ordered from ANGELO’s in the past but feel better about supporting family owned businesses.  I am glad i went with Fletcher Rickard, because the BLACK mulch did not bleed, it was very finely cut and seriously the best much i have ever ordered.  Since then i have also purchased several landscape bushes and slag sand for my brick paver foundation.  GREAT service every time.  THANKS Ryan and Phil.

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